Live with Valor.

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Welcome to Valor; an ever evolving ecosystem of original products, services and events designed to educate, empower and entertain people, so that they can begin living their lives with Valor.

"Valor is a latin word that means courage, strength and worthiness. It's also Spanish for value. To live with Valor is to value yourself, and have the courage and strength it takes to live life the way YOU want to."

Tanya Spence-Kelly, Founder & CEO

AKA, Tanya Valor


Upcoming Events

  • Hypnotherapy for Health & Wellness • KCM Fitness x Valor
    24 Jun, 19:00 – 25 Jun, 21:00
    KCM Fitness Studio Ltd, Business Units, Unit 45 Addison Rd, Port Talbot SA12 6HZ, UK
    Valor and KCM Fitness presents a one-off exclusive workshop and hypnotherapy session. Expertly designed to help you improve your eating, exercise and self-care habits from a place of SELF LOVE. This event features a 45 min workshop and 45 min group hypnotherapy session