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Welcome to Valor

Valor means Courage, Strength & Worthiness. Everything we do is intended to help people live with Valor (Courage, Strength & Worthiness)

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Valor powers an ecosystem of services, businesses, and individuals that empower people to improve their health, wealth, and relationships. All Valor offerings are co-created and developed through collaboration. Valor champions community over competition and encourages entrepreneurship, entertainment, and education. 

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Retreats, Workshops, Conferences, Networking Events and Celebrations. Valor Co-Creates with aligned visionaries and teams.

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Buy and Sell Digital and Physical products in our multi-faceted online store.

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Seasonal Publication designed to empower Women to live with Valor. Co-created by a global team, for print and worldwide digitally.

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Our team of multi-disciplinary consultants can support your business and employees in times of change, growth, and expansion. 

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Discover amazing people with incredible skills and knowledge, and book time with them. Offer your skills and knowledge and get paid for sharing what you know.

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Valor builds websites, Personal Brands, Online Profiles, Marketing Materials, and more. We bring people and visions to life, digitally.

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The Elements Retreat

A three-night camping retreat, in a 100 acre-wood on the coast of South Wales. An adult-only and alcohol-free nourishing break in nature. Try new therapies, be your authentic self, be around likeminded souls, and connect with The Elements; Earth, Air, Water, and Fire. You bring the Spirit. 

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An educational, entertaining, and empowering two-day event this Easter. Human Design brings together a variety of spiritual teachings that center around the division of personalities into five energy types; Manifestors, Manifesting Generators, Projectors, Generators and Reflectors. 

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