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Tanya Spence-Kelly


​📍 Playa Del Carmen, Mexico 

Tanya is a soul and purpose driven entrepreneur, whose mission in life is to help women across the world to live their lives with Valor. As a qualified hypnotherapist and essential oil enthusiast, Tanya expertly combines the power of hypnosis with aromatherapy, resulting in gentle but powerful changes in womens physical, emotional and mental health. Valor was launched in August 2021, and by the end of 2023 Tanya aims to have helped 1 million women through the Valor Programme. 

In 2019, Tanya was diagnosed with a condition called PMDD - a mental health condition linked to the menstrual cycle which means every month as her hormones would change, so would her mental health. Tanya has had PMDD since she was 14, but it wasn't diagnosed until she was 26, which meant that for over a decade - through her teens and early twenties - she suffered severe bouts of depression, anxiety, range, mania and suicidal thoughts.

The lack of diagnosis, support and understanding she experienced through her PMDD diagnosis, and overall lack of mental health support and awareness throughout her life has given Tanya an understanding of what it is like to feel worthless, and therefore a burning passion to make a change for other women.

Tanya has a bright and colourful career history - working in sales and marketing roles in a range of industries, including diamonds, cosmetic surgery, fizzy drinks and alcohol. When diagnosed, Tanya made the decision to change her career direction and become a therapist, and develop new and innovative ways in which women could improve their mental health. 

As a qualified hypnotherapist, Tanya has created Valor - a movement dedicated to helping women live their lives with Valor - courage, strength and worthiness. 


Vicious Cycle

PMDD Ignite Talk | October 2019

Shortly after her PMDD diagnosis Tanya took to the stage of the Glee Club in Cardiff, delivering a 5 minute talk about PMDD, her diagnosis, and how people can recognise it in themselves, in their partners, children and colleagues.

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BBC News Report | PMDD

July 2020

Tanya was contacted by BBC journalists to speak about her experiences with PMDD. A 5 minute special news report went out on the national news, which is at the top of the news page