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V A L O R 

Valor: from the latin word valeó,

which means "I am worthy"

Imagine what the world would be like if every man, woman and child felt worthy. If every living being lived with a sense of self-love and self-worth. If every persons decisions were made from a place of self-respect. How different the world would be. 

All of the products, services and events that are created by Valor are designed to do that; help people to recognise that they are worthy of everything they desire in their lives, from their career and relationships, to health, home and hobbies. 


Valor Products and Services

The Valor Programme

Empowering women to get the basics right; eating, exercise and self-care habits and routines

This four week hypnotherapy programme was created to serve as a re-set button for women who are struggling to get into good and healthy habits. The unique four-part hypnosis treatment plan helps users to begin making improvements to their eating, exercise and self-care habits and routines subconsciously, so that they begin to take better care of their body and mind, enabling them to begin living their lives with Valor.


Valor Unlocking Abundance

Empowering women to take action and charge their worth

This one part hypnotherapy program is designed to help purpose driven entrepreneurial women to remain focussed on their vision, and to drive the financial compensation they deserve in exchange for their work.

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Valor Hydration Hypnosis

Start giving your body the hydration it deserves 

This one session hypnotherapy session has been designed to help people increase their water intake.

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Valor Professional Development

Private 1:1 consultation, and bespoke hypnotherapy treatment action plan 

This session is created for professionals; from top executives to entry-level employees, this private one-on-one program helps individuals to identify where they are right now and where they want to get to. Then, through Valor's tried and tested methods, a personalised hypnotherapy recording is developed, and delivered with a personalised action treatment plan.

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