V A L O R 

The word "valor" has been used for hundreds of years, and it means to have courage and strength. It comes from the latin word valeó, which means "I am worthy"

Valor is a purpose and soul driven business, founded by qualified hypnotherapist Tanya Spence-Kelly.

Our mission is to empower women across the world to live their lives with VALOR: strength, courage and worthiness.

Every product, service and event has been specifically designed to reflect Valor's core values:



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Valor is a heart-centred business, and every product, service, artwork and event is created from a place of love. Valor strives to make the world a better place and re-invests its profits into more things that will help to do just that


Valor is a pioneering business which develops new and revolutionary therapies, techniques and methods to support women in their journey of Valor. Valor is open to collaboration with aligned businesses and causes


Valor is non-judgemental, welcoming and accepting of women from all walks of life, countries, backgrounds and careers


Valor believes that being in a community with likeminded women is powerful. Through building genuine friendships, engaging in conversation, asking questions and offering wisdom women can elevate their Valor.


Valor believes authenticity in life is powerful and important. Being who you truly are, speaking your truth and being honest with yourself and others is key in order to live a life with Valor. 


Valor is built on the principle that life is, and should always be FUN. From ensuring fun and laughter plays its role in every product, service and event, to the Valor Community's fun and engaging events and conversations.