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Tanya Valor

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~ Founder of VALOR ~

CEO & Magazine Editor

"My birth name isn't Valor; it's an essential oil I fell in love with when I was navigating a mental health breakdown. It means Courage, Strength & Worthiness. When I made the decision to become an entrepreneur, after 10 years as an employee, I decided to not only name my business VALOR, but to change my name to it too."


~ Tanya Valor






Tanya Valor is a multi-faceted, vibrant and enthusiastic entrepreneur, activist, and catalyst for change. Her ten-year career spans various industries, including air travel, diamond jewelry, cosmetic surgery, FMCG, artisan spirits, and government communications.

After a decade of climbing the career ladder, she realised it was against the wrong wall, and crashed and burned out. Deeply desiring to navigate her way out of the depression she found herself in without anti-depressants, her life underwent a renovation.

In 2020 she studied and qualified as a hypnotherapist, and from the ashes of the life she had burned rose VALOR -  a movement dedicated to helping women live their lives with ValorCourage, Strength & Worthiness. In 2021 Tanya launched The VALOR Programme, a signature self-paced course designed to help women improve their eating, exercise and self-care habits and routines.

Her passion for education and love for events has led her to organize and host two independent TEDx events (Wales and Mexico)


She has performed stand-up comedy since 2016, and was a finalist in 2019 WUSA (Welsh Unsigned Standup Awards). She has shared the stage with TV names such as Ignacio Lopez, and is currently writing her first solo show; THE VALOR SHOW which premiers December 2022. 

VALOR Magazine

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"You really can't compare VALOR Magazine to anything that's already out there. It's too different ~ we're doing things differently. From how we craft each edition, to the way we share all profits with our collaborators - it's not how things have been done before - and I believe that is what the world needs."

~ Tanya Valor

In Summer 2022, Tanya was hit with a lightening bolt of inspiration, and began crafting a brand new magazine for women. Something different. Something that created change. A unique, seasonal co-created publication, available in print and digital worldwide.


A luxury feel, and delivered with a luxury gift.

A sexy and stylish magazine that women love to read, and talk about

An independently produced thought-leadership manual, written by women. Front to back pages filled with tools and resources from wise women; women who are experts in their fields and masters of their craft, women who talk the talk, and walk the walk.

Having grown up reading a variety of magazines, Tanya had always loved them - after all, they were far more visual and captivating than books. From Sabrina's Secrets to Cosmopolitan, her mother would always have some kind of subscription running at the local newsagents.


At age 10 she was producing The Baglan Bizz, a newsletter for the pupils at her school, which she convinved her friends to help with. Together they created word searches, told stories, and at one time ran a campaign for the school to purchase egg chairs from IKEA.

Despite having no experience in publishing, Tanya is today re-living what brought her joy as a child - making magazines, except this time the desired impact is far greater than the school playground. 

Through purposeful partnerships, the gentle gradual cultivation of community, and positive impact messages and resources, VALOR Magazine has one intention - to empower women to live their lives with VALOR; Courage, Strength & Worthiness, and make the world a better place.

"The old way isn't working anymore ~ people desire change. Now the world needs people who are doing things differently, and doing them with VALOR."

~ Tanya Valor

The Bigger Vision

Tanya's long-term goal is to lead Wales to independence from the United Kingdom, and reform the education, health and social care systems so that they provide the people of Wales with access to the help they need. 

The NHS, a once prestigious institution, which was introduced by Welsh Prime Minister Aneurin Bevan has been destroyed by budget cuts and privatisation. Access to healthcare has diminished as resources have been stripped. It doesn't need to be saved; as the largest employer in the UK (and fifth worldwide) it is ridden with bad policy and even worse politics. The same can be said for education, social care, emergency services and prisons - change is needed, now.

Tanya's vision for the future of Wales includes a prosperous new industry, through the legalising cannabis for recreational use, and supporting Welsh business' to cultivate a unique, high-end craft cannabis industry, finely positioning Wales as the lush and lavish land of wisdom and beauty it is, and making Wales the Craft Cannabis Capital of the World.

Right now, Tanya is traveling the world to learn how the cannabis industry is currently operating in places such as the USA, The Netherlands and Spain, as well as studying the applications of medicinal cannabis in holistic healing. 

Although originally from Wales, Tanya now lives a nomadic lifestyle, running VALOR from hotels, airbnbs, cafes, beaches and restaurants across the world. You can often find her in Mexico, Amsterdam, and Austin.

Open to opportunities, wisdom & support

Tanya is always open to receiving communications related to opportunities, wisdom and support - please email hello@valor.wales with TANYA in the subject line - these emails will be directed to her personal email address, and you will receive a reply within 48 hours.