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Tanya Valor

Change your
mind with

Bespoke Hypnotherapy Programs

Our expertly designed, high quality, personalized programs empower you to begin experiencing lasting change in your life

When we want to create change in our lives, we can have the best intentions to start with, but quickly find ourselves back in old habits and thought patterns. This is because the subconscious mind is still running old programs based on previous experiences.

Hypnotherapy allows us to access the subconscious mind, to make changes to the beliefs it holds. By changing the beliefs, you are able to change the thought patters, actions, and habits in your life.

Receive your very own bespoke hypnotherapy session

Expertly created for you.

Based on your needs.

Your desires.

Only for you.

We pay close attention to the language and words you use, nuances, and unique things you share, and then tailor the session specifically to you.

This level of personalization allows your mind to relate to the suggestions, enabling you to achieve the positive changes you desire

Why choose Valor?

The word VALOR means courage, strength, and worthiness. We believe that positive, lasting feel-good changes come when they are made from a place of self-love and self-worth, so all of our hypnotherapy sessions are naturally filled with suggestions that help you to love yourself. 

Some hypnotherapists use negativity and shame to create change, but at Valor we believe that cultivating a long-standing sense of worthiness and self-love in our clients is the most important thing we can do.

What can hypnotherapy help with?

Because it works directly with the subconscious mind, hypnotherapy can be used to change any aspect of your life, helping you to create new habits that enable you to:


"The transformation I experienced was life-changing. The way I look at the food I eat has completely changed, and I feel amazing because of it."

Sue Johnson, from the UK wanted to develop healthy eating habits

How does hypnotherapy work?

The human brain is made up of the conscious, and subconscious minds. The subconscious controls around 90% of our habits, thoughts, and beliefs, which have been created based on our past experiences - most of them from our childhood. 

When we want to create a change in our life, but we feel resistance, it is often because our subconscious mind does not want us to deal with the discomfort that comes with change. It wants to keep us safe, and comfortable.

Hypnotherapy allows us to access the subconscious mind and make positive changes to it, through natural and safe methods that allow the brain to relax, and become open and susceptible to change. The process is detailed here:


You are guided to relax all of your body through breathing and visualization. Some say it feels similar to meditation.

Your mind slows down,
and opens up

Once your body is relaxed, your mind is able to relax. This then causes your brainwaves to slow, and your mind to enter into the hypnotic state. This means it is open to positive suggestions

Suggestions are made

"Suggestions" refer to the new beliefs you want to be programmed into your mind.  These can include things like "you believe you are worthy of all the changes you desire" and "taking care of yourself is a priority"

You return to full consciousness

Your subconscious mind is now filled with positive new beliefs, which with repetition become ingrained in your mind. 

When your beliefs change, your habits and actions change - resulting in you having the behaviours you desire

So, how does the bespoke hypnotherapy process work?

Initial Consultation 

1-Hour Call

Receive your hypnotherapy session and treatment plan

Via email and WhatsApp

Four Weekly Check-Ins

& keep your session for life

During the consultation, we take time to look at the current landscape; what is going well, what can be improved, and how those improvements can be made. Together we take a holistic look at your life and habits.

We craft your hypnotherapy session and share it with you within 48 hours of your initial consultation. You receive your hypnotherapy mp3. and treatment plan PDF via email and WhatsApp. The frequency and duration you should listen to are detailed in the treatment plan, along with other information about the treatment, and how to track and maximize results.

We check in with you weekly via WhatsApp to review progress, and track changes. Due to the nature of the consultation, most people report an improvement in their mindset after the first meeting, and then these changes are solidified through hypnosis. After four weeks the weekly follow-ups end, but the hypnotherapy recording can be used for the weeks, months, and years that follow.

"Since I started working from home I've really struggled to maintain my focus. I started to get really frustrated with myself. Now I listen to the hypnotherapy every week, it helps me to relax, and my productivity has gone through the roof."

Josh, USA


A Valor bespoke hypnotherapy program is $250. This includes a 1-hour consultation, 45 minute hypnotherapy recording, treatment plan, and four weeks of follow-up contact.

"The consultation really helped me to get clear on what has been holding me back, and the hypnotherapy helped me to make the changes I needed to succeed. The whole process has been incredible"

Alex, Mexico

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