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Improve your professional performance and personal health with Valor.


"Recognise the important relationship between professional performance and personal health; you simply need to look after yourself better, and you will perform better in your work"

Tanya Valor

"It's amazing how much clarity you can gain in an hour with Tanya"

The Professional Development Programme

Expertly designed to help you clearly see where you are right now, and where you want to be, in both your health and your career.

During your private one-on-one consultation you will deep dive into where you are right now in terms of your health and habits, and your performance at work/in your business. 

Your fully qualified hypnotherapist will then work with you to identify what needs to change in order for you to achieve your desires, and these mutually agreed suggestions will be used to craft your own unique hypnotherapy session, and action treatment plan. 

What past clients say about this program:

"The hypnotherapy helped me to prioritise my health again, and see how my bad habits were impacting my work. Since the program I feel so much more positive about my life and work, and my sales have increased"

Fernanda, Mexico

"I totally lost motivation in my business, and Tanya helped me to reignite the fire of passion I let die. She helped me to start getting up early and starting my day right. It's made a noticeable difference to my weight and my wealth"

Casey, USA

"During the consultation with Tanya I was able to open up about the negative thoughts and feelings I was having about my job. She helped me to realise it wasn't the job I didn't like, it was me. My self-love journey has just started, I am so glad it started with Valor."

Alex, UK

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