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VALOR is calling you forward

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Before we begin, it's important I clarify something.

Tanya Valor



are two different things... different energies

Please separate us in your mind, and know this 11/11 event is not about me; I am just the vessel that has been chosen to deliver it, and you are a person I have been guided to call forward. 

VALOR is an energy, an entity, and an enterprise. On 11/11 you are invited to come together with other aligned souls to learn about VALOR's Vision, Values, Vows, and the Village we are building for people in Wales to heal.

You are invited because your powerful and unique energy is here to make a change in this world, and VALOR wants to see you fulfil your potential in this lifetime.

VALOR is here to create an opening for healing energies to move through us... Energies of VALOR; Courage, Strength & Worthiness.

I'm a 5/1 Aries Manifestor. I am energetically built to constantly analyse what is going on, see the problems AND solutions, and initiate change by informing others of what we can do. My incarnation cross is the left angle path of endeavor; so my work in the world is to make something great happen, by bringing together smaller forces. My Gene Key is Valor (which I didn't know until very recently)


I know I am here, at this time, to be a leader, pioneer and maverick. 


VALOR is a divinely guided creative urge that has been birthed through me, but it cannot be built or sustained by me alone.

VALOR needs a Village.

For the last few years we've been actively studying and experimenting with Human Design

I believe this is so VALOR can be built like an energetically secure army, by having Manifestors, Projectors, Generators, Manifesting Generators & Reflectors in their respective powerful energetic positions. 

As you read through this invitation and join us on 11/11, pay attention to the messages of your body. Depending on your authority, it may be your emotions, a gut feeling, your intuition or perhaps your ego that tells you whether or not this is the space for you.

and it's possible you will have doubts about what we are trying to achieve with VALOR, and that's OK; I too am a skeptic and have already done all the doubting you will do.

I am here to stand for the knowing that it is all possible

Manifestors are not here to re-create what already exists, we are here to bring about BRAND NEW ways of being.

VALOR will one day bring to this earth brand new healthcare, education and social care systems.


We will regenerate the health, wealth and happiness of Wales and by doing so, we will regenerate it worldwide.


We will build entirely new financial systems and develop our own currency. 

We will have a presence on every high-street in Wales and be a known brand globally. 

VALOR is an energy that we bring in to form together, and as individuals


through God/The Universe/Source/The Divine

VALOR is Courage, Strength & Worthiness

This invitation is from VALOR

via Tanya Valor

I am the first

conscious conduit,

may you become one too.


A conscious conduit... 

It's not been easy for me to put into words or diagrams what VALOR is; since it's all-encompassing, but these simple two circles do the trick.

I'm the human in the middle, and VALOR is the energy that surrounds me.

But we are not one; for I am always me - a unique energetic being. 

Sometimes it's like VALOR is holding me from below, or glowing from above

or backing me as I speak, or protecting me as I move forward. 

VALOR Values strong individual identities, because the WE is always stronger when it is made up of strong I's.

And this is what VALOR wants to be for everyone.

So Courage, Strength & Worthiness can be drawn in, felt and shared by every energetic being in Wales.

It will change the world. That's how energy works. 

Consciousness has Risen

together, we will meet it


You've already met your own

know, because I have witnessed it.

Dear friend,

Consciousness has Risen

Globally, people are more aware of their thoughts, feelings and emotions than ever before; locally, it's no wonder why sickness is so prevalent in Wales when there is no direction on what to do with the new levels of consciousness people are living with.

The existing systems; education, healthcare and social care are not set up to support the new energies that men, women are children are presenting with. Modern medicine in the world has failed to respect ancient teachings of the earth, and now we find ourselves in a constant state of depression and anxiety.

VALOR is here to meet consciousness where it has risen, at the intersection of spirituality and self-development, and give it a soft and gentle space to find its feet.

VALOR lives in this world as a business/social enterprise but operates within universal energies as an entity for change and progress. VALOR means Courage, Strength & Worthiness.

You were born with it.

and it's the exact energy that - if we all learn to embody - can change the world.

We really can change the world, you know? We can really heal it

But we start where we are.

We start by changing Wales.

By healing Wales.

and we heal Wales, by healing ourselves.


You've already started.

So you are invited to gather, with VALOR, for the first time on 11/11, to sit with the VALOR Vision, Values, Vows and Village and let your body decide if you would like to take another step into the new world we are creating.

VALOR is calling you forward to build the foundations that will change the world

You are being called forward by the living energy of Courage, Strength & Worthiness

Consciousness has risen, and you have risen with it. You have risen with courage, strength and worthiness.


You have risen with VALOR.


The last few years have been challenging but you've still poured into your health, happiness and healing


Your physical, mental, and emotional health has been taken on a journey of complete transformation led by your soul 

and you've never, ever given up on yourself.

Meditating on hillside

So are you ready to co-create the change we all dream of?

It's time. Together we can guide the people of Wales to let go of the fear, lack and shame we've been conditioned to feel, and start to nourish and nurture the courage, strength and worthiness we were born with. 

Together we will co-create tools, resources, experiences and events that promote the expression and exploration of consciousness. VALOR will be built with integrity through collaboration and co-creation.

and for as long as I am leading, there shall be no chaos.

Consciousness has Risen

VALOR meets it.

You are being called forward

On Saturday 11th November, you are invited to spend the day with VALOR to learn about the foundational pillars that serve as our energetic pathway to change


Our vision is our North Star. A clear and inspiring picture of what VALOR aspires to achieve in the future. The purpose of our vision is to provide clear direction, motivation, and a shared goal to work toward, to help us to clearly see what role each of us can play in bringing about great change.

VALOR Values

Our Values are fundamental beliefs and principles that guide our communication, culture, behaviour and decision-making. They serve as a foundation for ethical and moral choices, provide a framework for assessing what is important, and to help make choices that align with these principles.


VALOR Vows are solemn commitments that individuals who choose to be a part of VALOR make. The purpose of vows is to communicate and signify a deep level of commitment and dedication to the energies and integrity of the work we do. They include vows of honesty and authenticity, commitment to the bigger picture, and alignment checking.

VALOR Village

The VALOR Village is what we will be creating. Our aligned community of people who come together to work toward the VALOR Vision. Our online and in-person 'village' is a space of belonging, support, and collective effort. It's where we practice communication, cooperation and collaboration. 


is calling you forward

DATE: Saturday 11th November 2023

TIME: 12pm - 5pm 

LOCATION: Baglan, Port Talbot

The exact address and more information will be shared with you via email in the week before the event

Tea, Coffee, and Cacao will be provided, and a wholesome vegetable-based one-pot meal will be served for lunch

Please RSVP below to secure your space


Confirm your attendance by completing this form

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