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Haumea Roisin Dione

Spiritual Teacher and Channel, Certified Oracle for the Soul Blueprint Esoteric System & Intuitive Fertility Coach

My name is Haumea, and I am here to help guide you to your magical, infinite self. I am a spiritual teacher and channel, and use my gifts to support people on their journey through life. I offer Angelic Reiki, Usui Reiki to create the unique experience for each of my clients.

I am a Certified Oracle for the Soul Blueprint Esoteric System since 2018. This experience is based on your Birth Name, the one on your Birth Certificate. Getting to understand who you truly are from a Soul level is life changing. You will learn about your unique talents, the goals you are here to achieve for the expansion of your Soul, plus the life lessons you are here to transmute to Love.

I am also an Intuitive Fertility Coach and help women to get pregnant naturally through my Yes You Can Conceive program. I have helped many couples to bring their beautiful babies into the world.

I was born in Dublin, Ireland, and I am a mother of four.


Meet Haumea at The Elements Retreat


A three-night camping retreat in a 100-acre woodland on the coast of South Wales.

Join Haumea and many other expert practitioners, facilitators, therapists and healers for a long weekend of connecting with nature, yourself, and the elements of Fire, Earth, Water and Air; you bring the spirit.




"Haumea is one of my greatest spiritual teachers, and a cornerstone of the Valor vision and mission. She is deeply connected and passionate, and fully embodies her work and values. She has the power to blow your mind wide open, and settle it with peace in an instant. She has a voice and message that needs to be heard."

~ Tanya Valor


"When a woman struggles to get pregnant or has had miscarriages like I have then just knowing you can help her is all she needs to know. What you bring Haumea is that it’s totally possible, you reconnect ladies to the magic they're capable of, and because you believe so firmly they have permission to believe. You provide companionship on a journey that’s often quite lonely as rarely do we talk about our bodies with someone in the way you do."


"Connecting with Lorraine has been such a true blessing. Her energy is pure and powerful, and she leads with the most gracious of intentions. She has provided me with a terrific roadmap to tap into my own spiritual journey that is both practical and inspirational. Working with Lorraine feels like I have shifted into a new phase of soul development and I am grateful for her wisdom and guidance."


It was an intuition. A quick decision to make an appointment with Lorraine. No expectations. And on first second I felt her kind, positive energy. Like we knew each other from a long time ago. I never experienced the Soul Blueprint Reading before. It was interesting, amazingly correct, something new. And Haumea told me exactly what I needed. She blown away my doubts for some personal questions. She encouraged me to take action. Something happened inside me. A sort of release… I really suggest to everyone to make an appointment with Haumea. She is really good!

Soul Baby Whisperer
Intuitive Fertility Coaching

Yes You Can Conceive

Sleeping Baby

I help Mamas-in-waiting get pregnant naturally. I work with you and your spirit baby to create a sacred safe space to open your heart and womb. Together, we bring forth the miracle of conception, so you can experience a healthy, blissful and natural pregnancy to be the conscious Mama you’re destined to be.

This is done through my Yes You Can Concieve Program, which has been created for Mamas-in-waiting like you who may have tried everything else, including IVF treatments, but nothing has worked, so you are left feeling heartbroken, incomplete and left wondering if there’s something wrong with you.

Together we will discover your true nature of self-love and align with your soul baby.  You’ll start a new fun-loving relationship with your womb and your Procreation Virtues to ensure a safe and fertile upbringing for your baby.

You’ll start putting YOU first by setting boundaries, forgiving yourself and others, and giving yourself permission to bond with your beautiful soul baby even before you conceive.

Our intention is for you to feel empowered as a Mama-in-waiting giving you the time to create the sacred safe space to welcome in the babies who are impatiently waiting to reincarnate through you.


But our deepest wish is for you to conceive naturally so you can experience a healthy, blissful and natural pregnancy to be the conscious Mama you’re destined to be.

Natural Silk

Five Arts of the Universe

The Five Arts of the Universe is Haumea's channeled teachings

The Art of Cause and Effect
The Art of Attraction
The Art of Timelessness
The Art of Oneness
The Art of Love

Throughout 2023, Haumea will be sharing workshops and resources that help people to understand and embody the arts of living.

Soul Blueprint
Esoteric System

When we incarnate on this Earth, the precise moment we are born is time stamped with all of the information about our soul. A Soul Blueprint is a collection of this information.

When we make an effort to obtain this knowledge and get to know ourselves on the soul level, it is easier to make decisions, understand why we act, think, and feel the way we do, and align with our soul purpose and gifts we were born to bring into the world.

As a Certified Oracle for the Soul Blueprint Esoteric System, I can help you to understand your Soul Blueprint, and how to work with and activate your gifts. 

Resources Created by Haumea

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Free Resource
Be Your Magical Infinite Self

Enter code 'MAGIC' at the checkout to download your free copy of Haumea's channeled resource 

Contact Haumea

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