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Kelly Quinn

Professional Business Mentor, Mindfulness Practitioner, and Compassionate Inquiry Facilitator.

"As you’ve found yourself here you must be in a space of discovering what growth might look for you in this next chapter of your life. Am I right? Hope so.


My entire life has been about guiding women to reveal what growth looks like for them at every different stage of their life.


Imagine with me for a minute - we’re strangers, we meet by chance in a sliding doors moment. We begin talking. We swap stories, adventures, ambitions, and relationships. Life stuff that’s important to us bubbles up. We discover one another and what we care about quickly. It’s invigorating. Gliding in and out of topics and themes, collecting inspiration and insight from one another. Being in conversation feels incredible. This is my work."

Kelly's Experience

I’m a Professional Business Mentor, Mindfulness Practitioner and Compassionate Inquiry Facilitator. I have over 30 years growing businesses and people, in start-ups and multi-nationals and my success has always been rooted in my belief and trust in women to do a great job given the right tools. I have led learning pathways for women to step into their true power and potential in four different countries and cultures across Asia, Australia, US & UK. I have grown struggling start-ups from six to seven figures, taught therapists how to charge what they’re worth and supported senior professionals to embody their warm heart at work.

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"Kelly is one of my most trusted advisors and a pillar of the Valor vision and mission. She is deeply passionate about regenerating communities from the grassroots, and from the heart, and she lives and breathes her values and mission. She is the perfect blend of gentle and powerful. Working with her will transform your relationship with your business, and yourself."

Tanya Valor, Founder of Valor


Meet Kelly at The Elements Retreat


A three-night camping retreat in a 100-acre woodland on the coast of South Wales. Join Kelly and many other expert practitioners, facilitators, therapists and healers for a long weekend of connecting with nature, yourself, and the elements of Fire, Earth, Water and Air; you bring the spirit.


What you can expect when working with Kelly

Whether it’s one conversation, a weekend workshop, or a longer-term project, Kelly's work restores women’s belief in themselves. What does it feel like?

Let's keep in touch

I will send you thoughtful emails every once in a while; all of them rooted for love.

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LinkedIn: Kelly Quinn

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