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VALOR; Courage, Strength & Worthiness


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"Women are beginning to re-connect like never been before, with themselves, and with each other; and that is healing. VALOR has been created to give women the space to heal, and become the healers the world needs."

~ Tanya Valor, VALOR CEO & Magazine Editor

An ecosystem that empowers women to live with VALOR; Courage, Strength & Worthiness



Finally, something all women can be a part of.

~ Tanya Valor; Founder


"To empower women worldwide to begin living their lives with VALOR; Courage, Strength & Worthiness, by developing and sharing resources, tools, and community that enables them to become WOMEN of VALOR."

Any woman can become a WOMAN of VALOR; if they align with our values:


Are you a woman who is always striving to be better? Are you thirsty for knowledge and development? VALOR is a space for women to gain tools, resources & knowledge to grow personally & professionally 


The LUSH things in life; from beautiful words written, to real life products and experiences that make you feel lush, VALOR is committed to making the journey to becoming a WOMAN of VALOR a lush one


You know you are a powerful woman; it's time to surround yourself with other powerful women. By becoming a WOMAN of VALOR you become part of a global community of change-makers


The world is changing, and you want to see it change into something better than it has ever been. You can see what isn't working, and want to be a part of making the world a better place

VALOR Magazine

A seasonal publication, available both digitally and in print*, containing specially curated articles, features, interviews, and edits, developed by WOMEN of VALOR from around the world. VALOR Magazine is a premium magazine with a luxury feel; enabling women to feel the power and beauty of the wisdom authored throughout. Every VALOR Magazine is unique, because every season a new WOMAN of VALOR steps in to lead the co-creation of this transformational literature.

*Printed magazine + physical gift not available in all regions 

When you become a WOMAN of VALOR, you receive every issue of VALOR Magazine, launching 12th December 2022.

VALOR Library

The VALOR Library is an online library and resource center where women can instantly download and access unique, internationally created, expertly crafted , and independently produced books, courses, workshops, workbooks, hypnotherapy sessions, interviews and more.

Library Bookshelves
When you become a WOMAN of VALOR, you can have, and keep one resource per month, for free; launching 12th December 2022.

VALOR Community

Our private, members-only online global community, built to connect WOMEN of VALOR across the world with one another. A space for women to build their VALOR profile, share their journey; their highs, lows, trials, and tribulations. A place for women to become part of conversations, and start their own. A place for women to be witnessed, and to witness. A huge energetic space holder in the online/offline world in which we live. A social network, unlike any social network you've ever joined.

When you become a WOMAN of VALOR, you become a member of our private online community, launching 12th December 2022.

VALOR Circle

At its core, VALOR is not just a magazine, library, or community; it's a global circle of unity and connection, spanning the entire globe, impacting the lives of people worldwide; men and children included. When you become a WOMAN of VALOR, you become part of the VALOR Circle, and can begin attending the in-person and online VALOR Circle events are structured open spaces for WOMEN of VALOR to share their journeys. Any woman can learn how to facilitate a circle, and develop her own local, or online VALOR Circle. 

When you become a WOMAN of VALOR, you can attend unlimited open circles for free every month, launching in December 2022.
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