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The Valor Programme

Kick-start your health journey with this expertly designed self-development and self-love programme. This self-paced course has been created to help women finally start and stick to the positive habits they know they need to create.

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Tanya Valor
Qualified Hypnotherapist
& Founder of Valor

Come with me,

I'm here to start you on a path that I have spent the last 3 years forging for myself. Cultivating a lifestyle of healthy habits, driven by unwavering self-love. Choosing the best for yourself, unapologetically, every time. Falling in love with your body, your mind, your soul. Understanding yourself on a deeper level, and allowing the health and happiness that you have created for yourself to shine out into the world; positively impacting and inspiring your partner, family, children, colleagues, friends, and even strangers in the street!

You really do deserve - and should desire to - live a life of health and happiness. 
If you find yourself saying any of these sentences, this really is for you...

"I know what I can/should/need to do to take better care of myself, but I just can't seem to do it"

"I started doing [insert healthy habit here] but I only lasted a few days. I always end up..."

a) getting bored

b) self-sabotaging
c) forgetting

d) see no progress, so give up

"I'll start focussing on myself once [insert from below]"

a) The kids are back in school

b) Work quietens down 

c) I get my business to where I want it to be 

d) My house move / holiday / wedding / project is out of the way

e) I've lost a bit more weight 

I get it. I've been there.
I've said said everything listed above
(and much more)

But in 2019, after years and years of self-hatred, no self-care, yo-yo dieting, abusing my body and mind, and going around in circles with my physical, emotional and mental health, I realised something...

all the change I desired, came from a place of insecurity, pain and shame. Up until then, my head was filled with thoughts like...
"I want to lose weight because I hate my body. I can't stand the way I look. I hate looking in the mirror. I am too fat, wobbly, and bumpy. I wear clothes that cover me up."
"I only eat healthy food because I think it's going to make me look better, but I don't really enjoy it. Exercise is a chore and something I do so I can earn treats for myself"
"I only practice self-care when I am run down or at breaking point. Otherwise, I don't make time for it... plus it makes me feel guilty when I take time for myself."

The thoughts in my head created my reality

I started to wonder...

... what would happen if I started to make changes to my habits from a place of SELF-LOVE?

and that's when everything started to change

Slowly, but surely:

  • I started to love eating healthy foods

  • Exercise became something I looked forward to and enjoyed doing

  • Quality self-care was a non-negotiable, no matter how I felt

  • My alcohol intake reduced to almost nothing

  • My mental health improved drastically

and it started to show in my life

You can do it too

The Valor Programme 

Experience transformation to your body and mind in just two hours per week


  • 4 x Workshops 

  • 4 x Hypnotherapy sessions 

  • 1 x Printable workbook

  • Access to The Valor Programme LinkedIn & Facebook groups

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Watch the workshop on your laptop, phone, TV or tablet
Complete the explorations in the workbook as you watch
Listen to the hypnotherapy session recording

Join The VALOR Programme now

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