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Experience Valor Hypnotherapy

Feel deep relaxation in your body and mind with this expertly designed hypnotherapy session

For the best experience, wear headphones, lay down, and ensure you will not be disturbed.

This recording is 20 minutes and is designed to help you relax and refocus. It features positive suggestions related to productivity, finishing tasks in full, not getting distracted, and avoiding procrastination.

The session also teaches you the square breathing technique, which is a simple breath-work exercise that can be used to relax your body and mind at any time. 

Depending on how much you relax during the hypnotherapy, you may feel sleepy when it finishes, so we recommend you give yourself 30 mins total to ensure you return to full consciousness before continuing your day.

All Valor hypnotherapy sessions are recorded using state-of-the-art recording equipment. We use high-frequency sounds and binaural audio to support the subconscious mind in relaxing and opening to positive new suggestions.

Do not listen to this recording if you are driving or operating heavy machinery


"This is the first time I have experienced hypnotherapy. I haven't relaxed so deeply for a long time"

- Alex

Want your very own personalized hypnotherapy session? 
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