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VALOR Launches on 12th December 2022; opening the doors to the brand new VALOR Circle, releasing the first VALOR Magazine, and opening the VALOR Library. To attract aligned women to VALOR, it's important we share a clear message. This page has been created to give you ~ a WOMAN of VALOR ~ the tools that can help you to share your journey of VALOR so far, building awareness and attraction for aligned women to join us on this journey as WOMEN of VALOR.

Please read this information carefully,

and share with VALOR.

Courage, Strength & Worthiness


To create a conversation around the word "VALOR", encourage women to add the word to their vocabulary ~ to write it in their journals and say it to their friends. We want women to know and understand what VALOR; Courage, Strength & Worthiness means, how to recognize it in themselves, and see it in other women. We want women to explore their own journey of VALOR so far, to realise that they have always been WOMEN of VALOR. We want women to know they are not alone in wanting the world to change, and who are ready to stand alongside other women, and make it happen, by living with VALOR.

Key things to repeat

For this launch campaign, we have key messages and phrases that are repeated throughout our messaging; we encourage you to weave these phrases and definitions into your VALOR content

ⓥ Live with VALOR

ⓥ VALOR; Courage, Strength & Worthiness


... with VALOR ⓥ 

ⓥ Launching 12th December / 12/12/22

use of the ⓥ symbol (see below)

Valor Logo Transparent Black.png
Valor Logo Transparent Black.png

Show you are a WOMAN of VALOR on your online profile ⓥ 


A way for WOMEN of VALOR to see one another out in the digital world ~ by adding a to their profile, WOMEN of VALOR become instantly recognisable to one another ~ strengthening the community and attracting more women to join.

Simply copy and paste  into your profile, and use as you wish throughout your shares about VALOR.

Any woman can become a WOMAN of VALOR

VALOR is the niche. VALOR is the one here to connect all women. VALOR is here to UNITE all women. VALOR is here to nurture all women. VALOR is here to grow women.

and in doing that, we connect, unite, nurture and grow the entire world; and we do it with valor. 


Valor Logo Transparent Black.png

do it with VALOR


Hashtags & Account Names

#livewithVALOR #VALOR #VALORmagazine 

VALOR Founder: @tanya_valor



The word VALOR is rooted in Latin, and it means 'Courage, Strength & Worthiness'. It's also the Spanish word for 'Value' ~ and that's exactly the mission of VALOR - to empower women to value themselves, to improve their self-worth, help them uncover their courage and move through the world with strength. That is how we create change ~ by truly empowering women to live with VALOR

Become a


Where to direct people?

Launch information page:

Become a WOMAN of VALOR page:

How to share


This transparent PNG. VALOR logo can be applied to your posts ~ if you require other logo files please email

Valor Logo Transparent Black.png

Share with VALOR Templates

Share with VALOR Templates

We know you have a story that you want to share; you know it will inspire other women. You know it can be hard to share and know what to say, so we've created a way you can share, clearly, and powerfully, with VALOR.


Canva Templates

Here are generic templates you can use to customise and share STORY/REELS


Prompts to help you share

VALOR lives inside of all of us, and by sharing our own experiences we help other women to recognise their own. 

ⓥ What does the word VALOR mean to you?

ⓥ Share a time you've felt VALOR; Courage, Strength & Worthiness

ⓥ Share a time you haven't felt VALOR, and how you overcame it 

ⓥ Share a time you witnessed another women live her life with VALOR

ⓥ Share what your big vision is for your life, and how you will use VALOR to bring it to life

ⓥ Share 3 things you do to live with VALOR

ⓥ Tell people why you are becoming a WOMAN of VALOR

Remember to use the hashtags #livewithvalor #valor #valormagazine and tag

"The world is ready to change, and women are the change makers. It's time we come together, and rise together, with VALOR."

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