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Valor Unlocking Abundance

This expertly designed hypnotherapy session and community has been built to help talented, entrepreneurial, heart-centred women to subconsciously recognise their value, monetise their time, and subsequently unlock an abundance of wealth in their lives. 

Valor believes that women hold the key to a better world, but knows that money is a required resource in order to make change in the current world. By challenging our existing beliefs around value and abundance, and introducing new positive habits to the subconscious mind, women can expect to see an improvement in their money mindset, communicating their value, achieving sales and marketing their products and services. 

Listen to the 1 hour hypnotherapy session before going to bed each night for a week, and when you feel called to afterwards. You will have access to this recording for 12 months, so can revisit it when you need to.

Use the Valor Unlocking Abundance community to share shifts you experience in your day to day life, as well as the all important wins of abundance in wealth that you create. 

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