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The VALOR ⓥ can be used by Women of VALOR, to display on their online profiles to showcase that they are aware of and aligned with VALOR, and are committed to living their own lives with VALOR.


You are a Woman of Valor if... 

ⓥ You are on a journey of self-love and self-development 

ⓥ You enjoy learning more and more about yourself 

ⓥ You are self-aware and conscious

ⓥ You are open-minded and kind-hearted

ⓥ You desire for the world to change & believe empowered women can lead it

You subscribe to VALOR Magazine or have purchased a VALOR product 

Living with VALOR means...

ⓥ You are dedicated to embodying and/or and evolving into a woman who is courageous, strong and worthy

ⓥ You are committed to increasing your level of self-worth and truly valuing yourself

ⓥ You listen to your intuition and follow it as much as possible

ⓥ You are open to learning wisdom from other women

ⓥ You are open to sharing your own wisdom with other women

Where should I display
the  symbol? 

You can display the  symbol anywhere you have an online presence and want to showcase your alliance and alignment with VALOR

ⓥ Facebook Profile ⓥ Instagram Profile ⓥ

ⓥ  LinkedIn Headline ⓥ Slack Bio ⓥ WhatsApp ⓥ

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