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Reprogram your subconscious mind, and develop positive, lasting habits that improve your physical, emotional and mental health, with The Valor Programme.

Through gentle hypnosis you can experience powerful positive changes to your daily habits in these four key areas:

Eating & Diet

Rest & Self-Care

Exercise & Movement

Self-Love & Self-Talk


About The Valor Programme

The Valor Programme is a 30 day hypnotherapy course that helps women to improve the “basics” of their health, from the comfort of their own home.

When our mental health starts to deteriorate, the first things that tend to go are the basics – the things we put into our bodies, our exercise routines, and the way we look after ourselves, quickly followed by our self-esteem.

Hypnotherapy can help us to improve these habits and beliefs subconsciously, resulting in new, improved positive habits when it comes to: 
• Eating
• Exercise
• Self-Care

Through The Valor Programme, women can experience real shifts in their day to day lives that improves their health in more ways that one. 

Instead of reaching for a chocolate bar, they’ll subconsciously want a piece of fruit

Instead of seeing exercise as a chore, they’ll subconsciously believe it is something they enjoy and want to do

Instead of using self-care as a solution to improve poor mental health, they’ll instinctively use it as a tool to maintain good mental health

Instead of feeling worthless, they’ll begin to believe they are worthy

They’ll begin to live their lives with Valor


Hypnotherapy Session Content

The Valor Programme has been specifically designed to be an easy, enjoyable process. Hypnotherapy is a gentle but powerful tool; gentle in that all the person receiving the therapy needs to do is simply needs to lay down somewhere comfortable, and follow the guidance of the voice. Powerful in that the changes made to the subconscious mind can have a really powerful impact on the way you live your day to day life. 

Session One 

This initial session will ease you into a gentle relaxation, and begin to open your subconscious mind to the changes that will take place over the next 30 days. It will leave you feeling relaxed, as well as motivated and excited about the results you will have.

Session Two

This session is themed around self-worth, and will help your subconscious mind to believe that you are worthy of all of the changes you desire. It will touch on the key areas of eating and exercise, prepping your subconscious mind for the coming sessions that focus on these individually.

Session Three

This session focusses on helping you to make positive, healthy decisions when it comes to your consumption of food and drinks. It will guide your subconscious mind to prioritise healthy, nutritious food, fresh fruit and vegetables, and an increased water intake, resulting in you naturally being drawn towards healthier foods, making automatic healthy decisions, and drinking more water instinctively.

Session Four

This session is all about self-care. Often, self-care is something we turn to as a solution when we are feeling down. This session will help you to develop the subconscious belief that self-care is something you should be carried out as maintenance work, to prevent your health from deteriorating, and doing so because you are worthy, and not as a fix because you are "broken".

Session Five

This session is all about the power of exercise; one of the strongest tools we have in our arsenal to improve our health, yet it is often seen as a chore. You will be guided to see the joy in exercise, and your subconscious mind will begin to believe the benefits far outweigh any inconvenience, resulting in you feeling motivated to move. The exercise included in this session does not involve any specialist equipment, just your body and the great outdoors.

Session Six

This session takes learnings from each of the previous five, and combines them to further instil and enhance the subconscious beliefs that have been forming since the start of the program. In this session you will be guided to imagine a day from start to finish where all of the decisions you make are from a place of worthiness and self-love.

Session Seven

In this final session, your subconscious mind will be invited to look back at how far you have come in the last 30 days, recognise improvements that have already made, and remind you of the continual changes you can experience as time goes on. This session is all about celebration of what you have achieved and motivation for what is coming next in your journey of Valor.